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January 6, 2018
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Starting a blog is such a momentous occasion. You have the opportunity to inspire a few people to click on a link in your Instagram profile to read something that they may or may not find interesting, while also inspiring a whole handful of people to roll their eyes at your lack of originality of writing a post dedicated to finding the perfect moisturizer. Honestly though, I’ve been there. I’ve read those posts, I’ve clicked those links, and I’ve desperately sought out the designer for some very flashy red pants that never seemed to leave my shopping cart.

So in 2018 how do we I stay relevant?

For me, recognizing that not everyone loves what I love is key to staying inspired. Being perpetually obsessed over the Kinfolk aesthetic and only buying clothing from sustainable sources doesn’t excite everyone, and accepting that is crucial to not being disappointed. I don’t want to please everyone, but creating relevant content to inspire those interested is wildly attractive to me.

In the mean time, here are some things inspiring me right now (via pinterest)



Happy New Year folks,


xx Rose

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