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Olive Green As a Neutral | | Madewell

May 15, 2017



Last week, I was finally able to go on vacation for a full 6 days! We drove down to Phoenix, Arizona, where we were expecting temperatures in the triple digits all week. To our pleasant surprise, the temperatures stayed in the high 70s, and it even felt a little chilly at times. I was really grateful I packed a jacket for the trip as a “just in case” item, because I ended up wearing this piece multiple times during the trip. This cropped jacket was so cute with my sun dress (featured here), a pair of high waisted black denim, and even a red striped tee. I have linked my outfit here, and a few other pieces I think go really well with this neutral colored jacket. I will definitely be wearing mine as long as this cooler air persists in Los Angeles!


Madewell Jacket: here

Dress from Poketo

Black Mules: here


Items I LOVE with an olive jacket:

Adorable Red Striped Top: here

Little Black Dress: here

White Wide Leg Jeans: here

Floral Print Dress: here 



attire Outfits

Why Shopping Vintage is So Important

April 10, 2017
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Poppy 4

poppy 21

Everything I am wearing in this post is vintage! Each piece was thrifted at one of my favorite second hand shops, and I wear them more often than some of my brand new pieces. Buying clothing second hand didn’t use to be one of my favorite things. The idea of digging through mounds of clothing searching for that perfect piece, and usually just settling for something ill fitting that I only wore a handful of times, sounded exhausting and unrewarding. I’ve changed my approach for shopping vintage by going into it with a general list of things I’d like in my wardrobe and stay focused on that. Shopping vintage instead of, or in addition to regular shopping, is important because:

1. Each Piece of Vintage Clothing Has a Soul

It’s guaranteed that a silk blouse you find at a thrift store has a lot more character than a polyester gem you discovered in a Forever 21 somewhere. Each piece was crafted, worn, and taken care of enough to make it to this point and it says more about you than having the same shirt as most other girls your age.

2. Shopping At Thrift Stores Helps the Environment 

Instead of that piece of clothing being tossed in a landfill somewhere, you are giving it a second chance at life and that helps slow down the waste that comes from the fashion industry.

3. Your Wardrobe Will Be More Unique

Have you ever walked into work, school, or anywhere else for that matter, and ended up wearing the same top, dress, or outfit as another girl? I feel like every store lately has similar variations of the same style. If you want a cold shoulder top, walk into any department store and I can find you 10 that look and feel exactly the same. When you shop vintage, your wardrobe becomes one of a kind, and in turn the way you put together outfits will also become more unique and one of a kind.


Overall, I’m a big advocate for shopping vintage. I feel like it has definitely stepped up the quality of my closet, while also reducing my carbon footprint!


Poppy Red Silk Blouse: here

Vintage Levis: here

Gucci Loafers: here

Fave Vintage Stores for clothing: Maeberry Vintage – Salt Lake City

Copperhive Vintage – Salt Lake City

Gossamer -Los Angeles

Wasteland – Los Angeles

 Ay, que Vintage – Los Angeles

Squaresville – Los Angeles



Daily Skin Routine

April 3, 2017
Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine Late January Daily Skin Routine Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine

Since I don’t wear a lot of makeup, I try to focus most of my beauty products around skin care. It is so important to take care of your skin especially if you are worried about aging, sun damage, and other conditions that can impact your skin, especially your face. My usual skin routine consists of:

    1. exfoliate twice a week with complexion brush and face wash (not pictured) 

I actually just recently started using this brush to exfoliate my face. I found that exfoliators or scrub soaps alone didn’t do much for getting rid of that pesky dry skin, especially since I am prone to having really dry skin on my face. This brush has been great for making my skin smoother. Be sure to give the brush a good rinse in between uses to keep it clean!

2. take a small dab of serum and spread evenly over face and neck

I love this step because it replenishes all the oils and nutrients I just stripped from my skin from cleaning it. I usually let my face dry a couple minutes after applying the serum to really let it soak in.

3. use a generous amount of moisturizer and entire face and neck 

I have really dry skin, so I make sure to use a lot of moisturizer, especially on my forehead and neck. The moisturizer I’ve been using doesn’t have sunscreen in it, but with the coming summer months I’m planning on switching that out for one that protects my skin from those UV rays!

4. dab a small amount of eye cream on the under eyes 

I swear by this eye cream. I have noticed my eyes don’t get dry like they used to, and I swear this eye cream helps prevent those really dark circles that tend to develop the later the week goes on.


I love Bobbi Brown products. I feel like I have had the most consistent experiences with them. I also really like that they aren’t really fragrant; when I’m looking for a moisturizer or any kind of face product, I honestly can’t stand heavily scented products, and all of these smell clean and fresh.


I have also included a couple of body soaps here, that I haven’t tried yet, but I love the way they smell! One is a charcoal soap, and the other is a peppermint soap that I am super excited to try. Pictured is another exfoliating brush that is slightly bigger that I use in the shower for my body, definitely a favorite, and makes my skin super smooth.


Complexion brush: here

Body brush: here

Bobbi Brown Serum: here

Kiehls Moisturizer: here

Bobbi Brown Eye Cream: here

Peppermint Soap: Only sold at Whole Foods

Charcoal Soap: here






Layering Pieces || Current/Elliott

March 20, 2017


roroblue roro-12 roro-15 roro-17 roro-18 roro-21roro-19 roro-20 roro-22 roro-7 roro-8

Transitioning a wardrobe into spring can get tricky, especially when it’s so easy to get accustomed to throwing on a heavy knit sweater during the winter. When putting together spring outfits, I usually start with a light weight piece and pair it with a jacket that can easily be taken off. The cooler temperatures in the morning and higher temperatures in the afternoon make layering with extra pieces the practical way to stay comfortable and maintain an outfit throughout those up and down spring days.

Here I’m wearing my favorite Current Elliott tank, and I’ve linked a few of my other faves.


Current Elliott tank : here : Similar  : Similar

Jeans: here

Postman jacket: Vintage

attire Outfits

Everyday Attire

March 2, 2017
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 Final 4Final 2

Final 12


Final 10

The thing is, it’s never too late to refine your style. For me, the past year has been a learning experience on how I approach clothing. There are so many fashion bloggers, and stylists on social media that it is easy to get caught up in the materialism and the constant need to perpetually buy clothing. I told myself I really didn’t want to be that person who is constantly buying things just to be able to have things to blog about, or to take photos of. So how do you make your wardrobe feel special, when you aren’t buying mounds of clothing on a weekly basis? For me, it means thinking outside of the box; layering new pieces together, finding new accessories to change the feel of the outfit, and shopping more vintage to find really unique statement pieces to change it up. As far as every day attire goes, my favorite color palette is black, grey, and white because it is simplistic and classic. (Don’t get me wrong though, I do love my share of color as well!)

Refining your wardrobe needs to start with your every day attire; the clothing you reach for on your least crucial days. The outfit I have featured here is one of my favorites, a simple button up blouse, slouchy black boyfriend jeans, and a gray wool hat to top it off. It’s super low pressure, I wear this outfit  to grocery shop, to shoot photos, or to grab lunch with friends.


White button up:  here

Black slouchy jeans : here

Grey wool hat: here