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Daily Skin Routine

April 3, 2017
Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine Late January Daily Skin Routine Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine

Late January Daily Skin Routine

Since I don’t wear a lot of makeup, I try to focus most of my beauty products around skin care. It is so important to take care of your skin especially if you are worried about aging, sun damage, and other conditions that can impact your skin, especially your face. My usual skin routine consists of:

    1. exfoliate twice a week with complexion brush and face wash (not pictured) 

I actually just recently started using this brush to exfoliate my face. I found that exfoliators or scrub soaps alone didn’t do much for getting rid of that pesky dry skin, especially since I am prone to having really dry skin on my face. This brush has been great for making my skin smoother. Be sure to give the brush a good rinse in between uses to keep it clean!

2. take a small dab of serum and spread evenly over face and neck

I love this step because it replenishes all the oils and nutrients I just stripped from my skin from cleaning it. I usually let my face dry a couple minutes after applying the serum to really let it soak in.

3. use a generous amount of moisturizer and entire face and neck 

I have really dry skin, so I make sure to use a lot of moisturizer, especially on my forehead and neck. The moisturizer I’ve been using doesn’t have sunscreen in it, but with the coming summer months I’m planning on switching that out for one that protects my skin from those UV rays!

4. dab a small amount of eye cream on the under eyes 

I swear by this eye cream. I have noticed my eyes don’t get dry like they used to, and I swear this eye cream helps prevent those really dark circles that tend to develop the later the week goes on.


I love Bobbi Brown products. I feel like I have had the most consistent experiences with them. I also really like that they aren’t really fragrant; when I’m looking for a moisturizer or any kind of face product, I honestly can’t stand heavily scented products, and all of these smell clean and fresh.


I have also included a couple of body soaps here, that I haven’t tried yet, but I love the way they smell! One is a charcoal soap, and the other is a peppermint soap that I am super excited to try. Pictured is another exfoliating brush that is slightly bigger that I use in the shower for my body, definitely a favorite, and makes my skin super smooth.


Complexion brush: here

Body brush: here

Bobbi Brown Serum: here

Kiehls Moisturizer: here

Bobbi Brown Eye Cream: here

Peppermint Soap: Only sold at Whole Foods

Charcoal Soap: here






Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit || Giveaway

February 13, 2017


As everyone is well aware, I am a fan of a big, hot (or iced!) cup of coffee. That being said, I have to deal with the harsh reality of coffee stained teeth. The only time I’ve ever whitened my teeth, was my in my adolescence following a long stretch of braces, and it was with a kit through my dentist. This process, however, can be crazy expensive! So then I wanted to figure out, how to remove stains from teeth without dealing with the dentist and all the added expenses that come with that.

When I heard you can get custom teeth whitening trays online, and experience a dentist teeth whitening from the comfort of your couch, I was all about it. With Smile Brilliant, I was able to create an impression of my teeth at home, send it back and have my trays back in no time.

Each Kit includes:

  • Custom trays (and the supplies to make the impression)
  • Whitening gel
  • Desensitizing gel (To help alleviate any sensitivity)
  • A free shipping label (to send back your impressions)

The whole process was super easy for me!

What I liked most about it was:

  • the fact that the whitening gel came in syringe form instead of packets, and that the syringes were able to be resealed so I could use a single syringe 3 or 4 times.
  • I didn’t have to run to the dentist office to be fitted for trays, pick up more whitening gel, or anything else. Being able to order everything online, and whiten my teeth while binge watching Sex and the City, made the whole process seamless.



Definitely a lighter color over all, and removed some of those pesky coffee stains!


Here is a demo video explaining the process:



Also enter the giveaway for a $139 credit to Smile Brilliant here 


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